Airport Advocacy | A Friendly Face for International Students

The January travel ban officially targeted refugees, green card holders, and visitors from 7 Muslim-majority countries. It's informal effect, however, was to increase the hurdles faced by all refugees, immigrants, and visitors trying to enter the United States. If you want to help America show a more welcoming face to the world , guest writer … Continue reading Airport Advocacy | A Friendly Face for International Students

5 Ways to Support Religious Minorities & Immigrants

There is a strategy to this administration's speedy leap into policy-making. The further people travel from the initial outrage, the harder it becomes to mobilize them around a common goal - in this case to support religious minorities and immigrants. The bet Donald Trump and his advisors are making is that by the time 2018 … Continue reading 5 Ways to Support Religious Minorities & Immigrants

Educating Others

Protect Workers’ Retirement Investments

Most people know that something went wrong with our economy in 2007-08. Not many people understand the details, because trying to comprehend what a financial derivative is or does boggles the mind of even the financially savvy. (Thus our global meltdown). There is one contributing factor, however, that was fairly straightforward: people with titles like … Continue reading Protect Workers’ Retirement Investments

Action - Time to Change

Build the Bench

"When Democrats controlled the Congress for so many years...[t]he grassroots base withered away while the 'Christian right' learned how to mobilize support. They became good at our forgotten game: voter registration, door knocking, phoning, electing people to school boards, writing letters to the editor, calling in to talk radio, turning out voters. Now labor and … Continue reading Build the Bench