What We Stand For


Individuals are empowered and equipped to influence the politics and policies that shape their lives. Candidates committed to social, economic, and environmental justice are elected in sufficient numbers to effect positive change at every level of government. Government policies and practices reflect and enhance the inherent dignity of all people and protect our limited natural resources and the natural world.


To connect, educate, and mobilize individuals to take effective political action on social, economic, and environmental issues in their day-to-day lives. To realize policies that fulfill our shared values and elect and hold accountable the candidates committed to advancing them.


  • EFFECTIVE POLITICAL ACTION combats isolation and despair, empowers individuals, nurtures community, reinforces democratic norms, holds political actors accountable, and produces policies that advance human rights and environmental sustainability.
  • POLITICAL SUCCESS is measured by the improved experiences and outcomes of all people – including those least advantaged by history and society. Success is not measured by the election of a specific candidate, by party dominance, or by adherence to political dogma.
  • POLITICAL, SOCIAL, AND INSTITUTIONAL RESPONSES are required to address historical and institutional disparities, in particular those based on national origin, race, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, and income.
  • WE ARE DEFINED by what we stand for, not what we stand against. Our strategies must therefore be offensive rather than defensive, proactive rather than reactive.
  • TRANSFORMATIVE POLITICS resists zero-sum and/or short-term thinking, sensationalism, scapegoating, and the normalization of political dysfunction. We reject the oppression or disenfranchisement of any individual or group, including those with whom we disagree.
  • GOOD IDEAS can come from anywhere and progressive candidates can stand for any party whose platform honors the rights and dignity of all people.
  • HOPEFULNESS AND A SENSE OF SELF-EFFICACY are fundamental to sustained political action. We celebrate progress, wherever and whenever it occurs, even when other challenges remain.


  • WE EMBRACE nonviolent political action and defiance, and are committed to a liberal democracy.
  • WE BELIEVE all human beings deserve affordable nutrition, housing, and health care, physical safety, a quality education, a living wage for their work, and equal protection under the law.
  • WE KNOW that healthy human relationships are the foundation of functional families, communities, and democracies. Good politics, policies, and practices prioritize and maximize human relationships and use institutional solutions as a last resort.
  • WE ARE committed to diplomacy, collaboration, and self-determination as the most effective means of achieving global stability and prosperity. We view military intervention as an act of last resort, and reject torture as morally insupportable and militarily counterproductive.
  • WE UNDERSTAND that sustaining our natural resources and protecting our natural assets will require shared commitment and collective action.