Photo of author by St. Croix riverThis blog is a collection of ideas, observations, and personal responses to current events. It is a meditation on the world and my place in it. Often it’s about politics, but it is also about family, friends, purpose, music, food, books, and more.

I am not an expert in most of these things, but I try to be informed, to cite sources, and to perform due diligence on what I share. My thinking is as influenced by fiction and poetry as it is by non-fiction and the news. I am always in search of a better understanding of how things work and how I can advance peace, justice, and an equitable prosperity in the world.

The title of the blog comes from James Baldwin’s Nothing Personal, from the final page of the book, which is become a touchstone in my life, and a reminder of what I hold dear.

I have slept on rooftops and in basements and subways, have been cold and hungry all my life; have felt that no fire would ever warm me, and no arms would ever hold me. I have been, as the song says, ‘buked and scorned and I know that I always will be. But, my God, in that darkness, which was the lot of my ancestors and my own state, what a mighty fire burned! In that darkness of rape and degradation, that fine flying froth and mist of blood, through all that terror and in all that helplessness, a living soul moved and refused to die. We really emptied oceans with a home-made spoon and tore down mountains with our hands. And if love was in Hong Kong, we learned how to swim.