WHAT The coalition for effective political action STANDs FOR

We believe we can influence the politics and policies that shape our lives. We can elect candidates committed to social, economic, and environmental justice in sufficient numbers to effect positive change at every level of government. Government policies and practices can reflect and enhance the inherent dignity of all people and protect our limited natural resources and the natural world. Learn more about our vision, mission, principals, and values…


This is activism for ordinary people.  For someone whose calendar is filled with an elderly parent’s appointments, who gets home from work at 7pm and is too tired to cook dinner, who wants more than 6 weeks of maternity leave, and who can’t name where the money for an emergency car repair will come from. This is activism from inside our lives, based on our own experiences and passions, not speaking for others but speaking with one another, on behalf of equity for all. Learn more about our strategies, tactics, and priorities…


Would you like to bring effective political action into your life and your community? Get involved today.


The power for action comes from you. But you don’t have to go it alone. If climbing a mountain begins with a single step, it progresses with tents, food, and oxygen tanks. Check out these tools and resources (or submit some of your own!).