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Self Assess

Before you launch into a major (or even minor) commitment or project, do a quick self-assessment to make sure you have a solid foundation to sustain what you start. Too often, people ramp up their efforts when they are at their peak level of motivation and then shut down or quit when they have to sustain it over the long haul.

If you don’t have answers to some of these questions, your first task may need to be building up strength in these areas.

  1. Who will you work with to stay motivated and engaged?
  1. Do you have the training or experience necessary to advance these issues? (Ex. if you plan to facilitate discussions, do you have training or experience doing so?)
  1. Where do you have existing relationships that will allow you to influence or exercise power? (Ex. on a hiring committee at work, at church, etc.)
  1. What is your personal stake in this/these issue(s)? How does it impact you or your network of family, friends, and/or colleagues?
  1. Which activities are likely to fulfill you? Which will drain you? (Ex. lots of time around people, time spent planning, fundraising, etc.)
  1. If you are limited on a particular resource (time or energy or money), how can you plan around or address this limitation?

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